A lovely theatre on the shores of Derwentwater, which was once a mobile Theatre.

We enjoyed watching Handbagged, with Margaret Thatcher and The Queen ( We didn’t go with them, they were appearing in the show)!! We even got to shake hands with The Queen when she made a visit to Laurel Bank.

We have also enjoyed various concerts, Tribute to the Carpenters, Tribute to the Bees Gees, Keswick Proms.

Waiting to see if a performance of “A  Voyage  Around My Father ”  By Graham Green will be staged. My husband once starred in this play at the Oldham Rep.  He played the son (as a boy) and starred alongside the late, Ann Kirkbride of Coronation Street fame.

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We are ambassadors, which means we can offer a £3 per ticket discount when booked and staying with us.

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