Laurel Bank Has New Bathrooms.

Bed & Breakfast In Keswick – NewBathrooms.

After spending several months deciding how we were going to re-new our Bathrooms, we took the bull by the horns, and contacted our friends in Lytham St Annes. When we say friends the main man who “project managed” is married to the sister, of our son-in-law, who lives in Warton, Preston.

He has  a team of men, a plasterer, electrician,  plumber, and labourers to help.

We decided to spend the week in Tenerife while the work was being done, and 5 days later after working 12 hour days, 4 new bathrooms were re-furbished- all in time for Christmas.


So what will the next project be?

For availability, please check our website.

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